The need for quick turnaround and accurate data transfer is more critical than ever. With the increase in organization size and sales force, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution becomes prime need to handle the data. Having a CRM solution poses many benefits to the organization like

  • Reduced Workload on the Team
  • Consistent Reliable Information
  • Quick Responses to Customer Inquiries
  • Elimination of Duplicate Data
  • Single Master Record

Find your CRM

  • is the enterprise cloud computing company. Based on’s real-time, multitude architecture, the company’s platform and CRM applications have revolutionized the way companies collaborate and communicate with their customers.

  • Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales. With tools to enhance your company's sales, marketing, and customer service processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution.

  • NetSuite

NetSuite CRM software delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities, including Sales Force a\Automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, and flexible customization, all in a web-based CRM solution.

  • SugarCRM

SugarCRM helps companies communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. With SugarCRM, you get a solution that adjusts to how your company works at a price you can afford.

Our Services

Gene Byte offers complete on-site and off-site consulting to determine the most efficient and cost-effective CRM integration solution for your business. Our implementation consultants will work with your company and assess your needs. We then implement an integration platform that is tailored to maximize efficiency in your e-commerce process.

With experience in a wide variety of industry , we understand the challenges of integration in today's ever-changing and growing E-Commerce environment. We know that as your business grows, so do your integration needs. Our solutions are customized to help you reach your targets and those of your business partners.

Gene Byte list of services around CRM include

  • CRM Consulting from Selecting of CRM to Implementation of same
  • Complete On-Site or Off-Site Implementation Services Globally
  • Assistance in Liaising with Business Partners
  • Training on Typical Sequence of Operation Procedures
  • Technical Support

Contact Us to know how we can leverage our expertise in getting your CRM solutions work efficiently for you.