The incredible growth of the digital world means that individuals and companies alike will be faced with continuous content overload. As information expands, it has become a daunting task for many organizations to manage the increasing volume of digital assets. Most organizations own thousands if not hundreds of thousands of digital materials including Corporate Logos and Branding Resources, Still and Stock Photography, Audio and Video Clips, and archival content of all kinds.

Unfortunately, many of these organizations are not getting the most value out of their assets across media channels. Without a comprehensive digital asset management solution, assets are left disorganized, lost, and insecurely stored, often costing a company precious time and money.

Gene Byte has helped organizations solve these problems by implementing digital asset management systems that meet our customer's needs.

A digital asset management solution allows you to efficiently search and utilize your corporate materials from a safe, centralized repository. These digital assets are available for market use at a moment's notice; accessible from anywhere in the world at any time with a simple click of a button. While flexible, our digital asset management solutions are equipped with advanced permissions and security controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to these valuable company assets.

Each company has its unique digital asset management needs

  • Brand Asset Management including Updated Corporate Logos
  • Archive Support: Suited for Cataloging Older Photos and Video Clips
  • Production Maintenance: Optimized for Re-Use of Frequently Changing Digital Media
  • Version Control: Guarantees the Most Up to Date Versions of Documents are Represented

The Gene Byte team has the expertise and ability to satisfy the most complex of digital asset management needs. We can help you implement a stand-alone digital asset management solution that meets your specific requirements, or we can integrate comprehensive Digital Asset Management capabilities into a wider enterprise Content Management System. Whatever your needs, with a Gene Byte supported Digital Asset Management System, you can remain confident in your brand.

Contact Us to secure and organize, your company's ever increasing Digital Assets.