Success by the Numbers

Wondering if the you need creative people? Wonder no more. We track user engagement across your campaign to provide clear analysis and recommendations.

We understand that once your campaign is underway, you want minute-by-minute visibility and easily digested metrics. We provide you those data insights which you can measure and demand for. 

We love to help you optimize- even on the fly.

Critical Analysis

Our dedicated Analytics team provides robust reports, detailed analysis and optimization insights during and after your campaign. You can create custom reports and schedule email delivery whenever you wish, or we can set up dashboards for minute-by-minute monitoring. Our reporting can be integrated with all major ad servers for one-stop analysis that makes your life easier.

Informed Decisions

Want to prove the value of your concept, creative or strategy? Talk to us early.

We can advise on likely response rates for cutting-edge products that combine your favorite formats and features. Measure by geography, bandwidth or ad sequence. We can help ensure that strategy and performance is consistent across your placements and provide critical insights to get you to your campaign goals.

Our team has experience and expertise in working on the best of the Analytics tools in the industry like Web trends, Omniture, Google Analytics , elogic, Shinystat, W3Counter.


Contact Us to extract meaningful information from your data and manage your campaign efforts accordingly.