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AI-powered platform
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Our evaluation software not only enhances learning outcomes of your students in these English proficiency exams, but also elevates your business!

PTE Academic AI Software

  • Accurate Scoring: Our AI algorithms replicate the scoring system of the real PTE Academic exam, offering students a realistic assessment of their skills.
  • Comprehensive Practice Materials: Equip your students with an extensive library of mock tests, practice questions, and skill tests tailored to PTE Academic.

PTE Core AI Software

  • Precision in Scoring: Our AI algorithms mirror the actual PTE Core exam's scoring, providing students with an accurate evaluation of their abilities.
  • Extensive Preparation Resources: Provide your students with a wide range of mock tests, practice questions, and skill assessments specifically designed for PTE Core.

CELPIP AI Software

  • In-depth Analysis: Students' performance is thoroughly analysed to provide insightful feedback that guides their preparation strategy.
  • Immersive Learning Environment: Our platform simulates real test conditions, offering students a rigorous, authentic practice experience.

IELTS AI Software

  • Instant Feedback: Students receive immediate feedback on their performance, helping them identify their strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Adaptive Learning: Our AI portal tailors resources to each student's learning style and proficiency level.

Why Choose Genebyte?

Get the best tools to boost scores and attract students. Our AI platform makes prep effective and sets you apart. Grow your revenue and success with our advanced test-evaluation solutions.

Customized White-label Solutions

Unique & custom portals, under your institute's brand name!

Unrivaled Preparation Materials

Extensive resources for complete exam preparation.


Quick, precise results for strategic preparations.

Video Insights

Detailed guidance on tackling complex sections.

On-call Support
9am to 5pm

Training, support, and assistance at your convenience.


Gold and Silver plans to match your needs and budget.


Enjoy perks like volume discounts and priority support.


Stay ahead with high-quality content, research, and insights.

Discover the Power of Genebyte

Our platform is meticulously designed to revolutionize your coaching institute's operations. Below are some features and benefits you can leverage for your institute:

Equip your institute with Genebyte, the leading AI-powered platform for English proficiency exams. Improve student outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, and amplify your institute's reputation. At Genebyte, we empower you to take the leap toward success.

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Client Satisfaction


Unique Features

Get advanced and unique features that no one else in your competition is offering while maintaining your brand's exclusivity!


Custom AI

Make the marking strict or lenient! You can increase or decrease the scores that your users are getting on your institute's portal.


Curated Material

Get the most pertinent preparation material with our curated content, specifically designed for standardized English exams.


Quality Tested

Every test and question undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process to provide only the best to you and your students.


Easy Accessibility

Once setup, your portal will be easily accessible to all your users. They can reach all features and resources with a seamless experience.

List of Benefits

  • Boosted Student Performance:
    Our quick AI-powered evaluations enable students to refine their preparation strategy, leading to better results.
  • Efficiency in Time and Cost:
    Our platform optimizes test preparation, saving time and effort for your institute and students.
  • Elevated Institute Reputation:
    Offering an advanced platform will attract more students and establish your institute as a beacon of excellence.
  • Long-Term Partnership:
    With continuous commitment to improvement and personalized support we aim to ensure shared success and growth.
  • Access to Expert Resources:
    Collaborate and gain access to lesson plans, video explanations, and insights from our team of PTE Academic experts.

Unveiling Genebyte's Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission

We are providing the latest English evaluation technology to coaching institutes all around the world. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with traditional teaching, shaping a smooth and efficient learning experience.

Our Vision

We are set on becoming the global leader in delivering innovative and adaptive learning solutions to coaching institutes. We envision to cultivate a community of learners equipped with the skills and the confidence to achieve their career goals fully.

Our Goals

Our paramount goal is to assist coaching institutes in facilitating their students' performance by using advanced, AI-powered evaluation portals that simulate real test conditions, provide personalized feedback, and a flexible learning environment.

Dedicated to advancing test prep technology


Genebyte's triumph lies in its team's hard work and dedication.

  • PTE Academic Experts: Our experts work tirelessly to keep our library of tests and learning resources relevant and up-to-date.
  • Language and Curriculum Specialists: With a vast experience in teaching English, they design targeted lesson plans and learning materials.
  • AI and Technology Team: Our skilled software engineers and AI specialists helm the development and maintenance of our AI-powered evaluation system, ensuring accurate scoring, personalized feedback, and a seamless user experience.
  • Customer Support and Success Team: Committed to providing outstanding support, our customer care team is always ready to assist, from resolving technical issues to guiding users.
  • Marketing and Partnership Team: Our marketing and partnership team extends Genebyte's reach, establishing strong alliances with coaching institutes, thus helping more students access our remarkable platform.

Let's increase your revenue togetheršŸ’°

Embrace the Genebyte experience and become a part of our thriving community of students, educators, and coaching institutes, all united in the pursuit of PTE Academic excellence.

Commence your PTE Academic preparation journey with Genebyte, your ultimate partner for English language proficiency test preparation. Sign up today and join our expanding community of successful test-takers!

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