AI Software with Exciting Features

Each of these software solutions supplies a comprehensive, customizable platform that helps students prepare effectively and boosts your institute's efficiency and revenue.

PTE Core and PTE Academic

  • Student KPI dashboard for easy progress tracking.
  • Extensive practice tests based on PTE Exam pattern.
  • Rapid AI-powered scoring mirroring PTE's algorithm.
  • Extensive question bank with up to 12,000+ questions.
  • Pitch/Pace Meters for self-guided speaking practice.
  • Timed-Mode available for practice questions as well.
  • Simple UI with a customizable, dual-toned palette.


  • Student performance reports and practice history.
  • Variety of tests mirroring the IELTS format.
  • AI-backed scoring based on the Band Score system.
  • Regularly updated content and prediction files.


  • Comprehensive student progress dashboard.
  • Wide range of tests based on CELPIP's pattern.
  • AI-powered scoring with auto-evaluation.
  • Personalized learning to focus on weaker areas.

Carefully designed to help you unleash academic excellence!

Genebyte is committed to using technology to facilitate academic excellence. Our unique features aim to enhance coaching institutes' offerings, thus empowering students to achieve their academic goals.

Personalized White-Label Solution

Along with tailoring the look and feel of our solution to resonate with your brand's unique identity, you get to add your coaching institute's logo, images, and domain name.

Learning at Your Pace with Recorded Lectures

Our platform hosts a range of recorded lectures which the students can replay at their convenience , providing a flexible learning environment with total room for revision.

Protect Your Brand with Access Restriction

Prevent unauthorized sharing of your course content and ensure that it exclusively benefits your registered students to preserve the integrity of your institute's branding.

Monthly Updated Prediction Files

We provide monthly prediction files with content and questions drawn from recent exams to help students stay up to date and build familiarity with potential exam questions.

Up-to-Date Question Bank

Our question bank is continuously updated and extensively proofread to cater to the demand of diversity, mirroring the evolving landscape of PTE Academic, IELTS, and CELPIP.

Pitch and Pace Meter

The pitch and pace meter provides real-time feedback, aiding students in enhancing their fluency and improving speaking marks all the while facilitating independent learning.

Simplify Essay Writing with Template Matching

Streamline the essay writing process by replacing the need to formulate with template matching that aids students in learning and applying your institute's essay templates.

Learn Reading Concepts with Video Explanations

Genebyte provides over 100 white-labelled explanation videos in both Hindi and English, accompanied by Parts of Speech classification images for multiple question types.

Focused Practice with Genebyte's Skill Exams

With our skill exams, we offer focused practice towards each module instead of a single section to encourage efficient self-evaluation among students and ensure optimal results.

Beat the Clock using the Time Mode

Our platform enforces strict time management for different question types and sections, emulating real-exam conditions to help train your students on their speed and accuracy.

Content Locking to provide Tailored Learning

Tailor the learning journey to align with your coaching institute's unique training method and facilitate phased learning by ensuring systematic availability of questions and test types.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form .

Genebyte offers specialized AI-powered software for institutes that provide coaching for standardized English tests, specifically PTE Academic, IELTS, and CELPIP.

Custom AI solutions, quality-tested material, easy accessibility, and many features tailored to the specific needs of each coaching institute. These aspects make it a preferred choice among institute owners.

The AI-powered system accurately scores practice tests and provides personalized feedback using advanced algorithms. This technology-driven approach helps simulate real exam conditions for students.

Yes, Genebyte offers custom AI solutions that can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of your institute, ensuring that your students receive the most relevant preparation.

No. Genebyte's portal runs smoothly on Windows 10 and Windows 11 only. It does not support Windows 7, as Chrome stopped supporting Windows 7 in 2023 and the portal requires latest version of Chrome to function smoothly.

For details about trial periods or demo options, please contact our sales team. We're happy to provide an opportunity for you to explore and evaluate how Genebyte's platform can best serve your institute's needs.

Genebyte's software utilizes AI to automate the evaluation process, provide personalized feedback, and streamline lesson planning. This enables trainers to enhance their teaching efficiency.

Genebyte's software allows institutes to offer modern, advanced training tools, attracting more students and improving pass rates. This can lead to increased enrollment, student retention, and overall revenue growth.

To get started with Genebyte, simply contact us with the Name & Full Address of your institute. Our team will assist you in the setup process, ensuring a smooth and easy integration.

Absolutely! Genebyte's dedicated customer support team is available to resolve any technical issues and guide users through the platform, ensuring a smooth preparation journey.

The main requirement is the Name & Full Address of your institute, shared via Email or WhatsApp. Genebyte's software runs smoothly on Windows 10 and Windows 11, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing system.

Genebyte's platform is designed for user-friendliness, allowing easy access to all features and exams. Once set up, the portals become part of your institute's infrastructure, making it easily accessible to all users.

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